Scientifically proven plastic technology
d2w is a masterbatch technology which turns ordinary plastic, at the end of its useful life, in the presence of oxygen, into a material with a different molecular structure. At the end of the process, it is no longer a plastic, and has changed into a material which is biodegradable, by bacteria and fungi, in the open environment. With over 20 years of scientific research behind it, d2w biodegradable technology is perfect to use with most types of single-use plastics, bags, packaging films and bottles.
The life cycle of plastic products enhanced with d2w biodegradable technology
Only 1% of d2w masterbatch is added to regular plastic at the manufacturing stage
Products and packaging made with d2w look and feel like regular plastic
They can be recycled if collected – but if they escape into the open environment
Sunlight and Oxygen will help to convert the plastic into biodegradable materials

Without leaving toxic residues or microplastics behind.

Stages of biodegradation with d2w® technology:
1. d2w® masterbatch is added at the manufacturing stage.

2. Film containing d2w® is extruded and then converted into bags or packaging.

3. The product behaves like conventional plastic during its intended service life.

4. After its service life, the bag or packaging may end up in the open environment.

5. The d2w® then takes effect and the product begins to degrade in the presence of oxygen.

6. The product will degrade and biodegrade in a continuous, and irreversible process, leaving nothing but carbon dioxide, water and humus.
Added Value with d2
• Only 1% inclusion rate. • Works with virgin and recycled plastic.

• Works with PE & PP.

• No change to the manufacturing process.

• Product does not lose any of its original properties during its useful life.

• Our customers receive full support from Symphony’s Technical and Marketing teams.

Helping to protect the environment from persistent plastic litter.

Disclaimer: The information provided is general information. For specific applications, please consult our Technical Department. The buyer is responsible for advertising and labeling of products made with d2w, and for compliance with all applicable laws and codes of practice in the place where such products are to be supplied, advertised, or used.
d2w is tested to work in terrestrial and marine environments.
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